Our Village


Founded in 1771

The first tourist of Ylläs 1933

The first ski café in Ylläs 1957

Electricity 1975

Ski lifts 1981


Kolari (railway station) 35 km

Kittilä (airport) 35 km

Äkäslompolo 15 km

Levi 55 km

Sweden 45 km


1 (the only one in the world) sauna gondola/cable car

7 min the gondola trip to the top of Ylläs

3 km the longest slopes in Finland (Jättipitkä and Ylipitkä)

100 kms of fells and mountains of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park start from village Ylläsjärvi. We are the southernmost national park village. 

To live here, own a holiday house         or just vacationing 

Ylläsjärvi has fells, lakes and rivers and idyllic countryside scenery. Village is growing and new inhabitants are moving mainly from other parts of Finland and Helsinki area but also from abroad, Europe. It is a bit challenging to find free apartments at the time but you can ask e.g. from Kolarin vuokra-asunnot. Kolari municipality offers plots for cabins and houses.  

The main livelihood in Ylläsjärvi is tourism and it offers both seasonal and all-year round jobs. The tourism in the are is steadily growing and becoming more and more international which offers new business possibilities for e.g. nature based tourism, food industry and accommodation.  Ylläsjärvi has a long history in refining different nature based products like wild herbs, mushrooms and berries and this kind of activities still has a lot of business potential as well as producing local food.

Ylläsjärvi needs also e.g. account services, small-scale care industry for elderly inhabitants and a barber shop. Workers can also commute to the nearest community centers of Kolari, Kittilä and Muonio for public sector jobs. The nearest airport is in Kittilä and the railway station can be found in Kolari, from where you can easily also visit Sweden just by crossing the border river. Remote work is easy with a fast broadband that is covering the village in 2020.

The distance to our neighbor village Äkäslompolo is 15 min/km and along the road you can find the Ylläs tourist info and visitor center for national park of Pallas-Yllästunturi. Village Ylläsjärvi is located both in Kittilä and Kolari municipalities.

 Northern lights and 

sunny snowy days

In Ylläsjärvi you can x-country ski on the widest x-country ski trail network in Finland and visit many nice ski cafés along the trails. There are ski trails also for skiers with dogs. Here you can also find Finland's longest alpine ski slopes. The gondola lift (cable car) at Sport Resort Ylläs ski resort takes you in 7 minutes to the top of Fell Ylläs. Ski school Iso-Ylläksen hiihtokoulu or slalom club Ylläs Slalom will teach you the techniques of alpine skiing!

The village is surrounded by winter biking and winter walking trails. Try also skiing with wide forest skis or snowshoeing in the deep snow on the fells, wide marshlands or snowy forests. One of the greatest snowmobile tracks in Finland goes from the lake Ylläsjärvi next to our village supermarket and fueling station to the top of Ylläs. You can also visit our neighbor ski resort Levi by snowmobile and stop on the way to admire the famous Snow Village, also reachable by car.

Lake Ylläsjärvi gets its ice cover usually in October and depending of the autumns and the weather it is possible to ice skate on the natural ice before it starts to snow and covers the ice by snow. Ice fishing season usually start in early spring when the sun shine wakes up the fishes under the ice. Notice that there is a winter swimming hole in the lake ice at boutique hotel Aurora Estate (sauna and swimming available only on request). If winter swimming is too cold, you can always enjoy the spa at Lapland Hotels Saaga. 

During the winter season there are many famous Finnish bands performing in Ylläsjärvi and village offers different kind of events from atmospheric Christmas opening to popular Ylläs-Levi x-country ski competition and Ylläs 24 hours alpine ski competitions.

Local safari and activity companies offer traditional reindeer rides, speedy husky rides and even the ride at sauna gondola - the only one in the world. There are good sport shops and equipment rentals in the village with versatile services and products both for winter and summer activities. Have you already tried fat bikes at our winter trails or skin based skis to slide on the deep snow?

Under the Midnight Sun

The ski lifts at Ylläs close in the beginning of May but there is still snow on the fells even in June. The most enthusiastic skiers don't need lifts but continue skiing by climbing up with skin covered skis. Many spend the Mother's Day on second of May enjoying the last snow and watching the spring arriving to the fells.

May is also the best time for bird watching at Ylläslompolo bird tower. Midsummer festival - juhannus - is celebrated by the big bonfire at the top of Ylläs where you can see the midnight sun. The gondola lift (cable car) and downhill biking trails as well as spa also open for the summer season and summer trails are waiting for mountain bikers and hikers. Weekly fresbeegolf competitions are running throughout the summer.

One of the most popular places in Ylläs in summer is our playground and swimming place by the lake Ylläsjärvi. The best "swimming beach" however can be found on the other side of the lake, on the way to Ruonanojan kota and Ylläslompolo. You can reach the lake by a rowing boat or jollyboats that can be used free of charge. For paddlers there are fire places to use on the island and also at Ruonanoja hut. Bikers can train the skills at our new pump park by the lake where you can also find a nice small piknik park with tables and seats.

Local volunteers have created an interesting culture path around our supermarket (K-market Eelin kauppa) where you can find environmental art and boards telling about the history and old buildings of the village (the path will open in the summer 2020). Partly the path follows the fields where horses and sheep are pasturing.

In the summer the village association organizes different events: rubbish collecting from the roadsides in May, fishing competition on the lake in June and popular children Olympic games in August. The last weekend in July is devoted to Jonnen Pytty -volleyball tournament for over decades. There are also events and happenings for mountain bikers and trailrunning. 

Become inspired with us by wild herbs, berries and mushrooms that you can pick all summer from May till September around the village. We have one of the best experts in Finland for nature products and are happy to guide you how to pick and prepare healthy food from nature!